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Chapter 236: Watson, I Want A Duel

Watson was unaware of the shock in Sylvan and Antonio’s hearts. If he knew, he would probably just smile. He had been exposed to modern technology since he was a child as his soul was modern. Epoch-making inventions were quite prevalent in the world he lived in for the people of that time.

As he glanced to the side, Watson discovered that every mayor, including Lubin, was taken aback by the magic escalator he had built. He nodded in satisfaction and turned to face the patrolling guards on Torch Town’s wall.

Those bronze-tier guards appeared to be exhausted. The armor on their bodies was rusty bronze items, and some of it was only iron-tier. They were much inferior to the Blackmoon Knights in terms of strength, equipment, spirit, and spirit.

Watson had stayed in Blackmoon Town and had never ventured outside. He had no idea that other towns’ defenses were so inadequate. He had always believed that Blackmoon Town was not strong enough, and he wished to offer everyone a Wish for the World ring. He wanted the citizens in Blackmoon Town to use their three wishes every day to duplicate some sun and moon gems.

His concept was straightforward—from administrators to servants, everyone in Blackmoon Town had to achieve the gold tier and become all-attribute cultivators.

While he was sizing up Torch Town, a few guards observed them from the corner of the wall. They noticed the platinum-colored cavernous passage beneath their feet.

“Where did you come from, bandits? What are those gleaming objects on the ground? They look like roads. Who permitted you to construct a road leading to Torch Town’s entrance?”

A guard raised his spear and shouted at them. As soon as he finished his words, someone slapped him. An older guard beside him pulled his companion aside and looked at Lubin in the crowd in bewilderment. “Mayor Lubin, is that you?”

As a veteran of the City Defense Department, he had seen the mayor more than once, so he could recognize him at a glance. However, did the mayor not go to Blackmoon Town two days ago? He even brought many men with him. Why was he suddenly back? Who were those people with him? Judging from their clothes, they should not be ordinary people.

“What do you think?”

Lubin tidied his garments and elevated his head 45 degrees, presenting a dignified countenance.

The question posed by the soldier was really idiotic. Who else could it be if not Lubin? Of course, he understood his subordinates. Anyone would be startled to see them as they had only left about two days ago. If it had not been for Watson, no technology in that world could transport a person hundreds of kilometers away.

“It really is the mayor! The mayor is back! Quickly! Open the gate!”

As the guards called out, the entire Torch Town quickly boiled with excitement.

In less than ten minutes, a team of 200 cavalrymen put down the sling of the city gate. They rode out of the town on hor

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