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Using an alias proved vital when Taddy traveled with Lex. Lex Easton was a famed rock-n-roll star's daughter turned fas.h.i.+on designer. Taddy had experienced her all-too-public lifestyle as teenagers. Since she was also in the spotlight, she found herself booked at the St. Regis and Exhale Bliss Spa under the code name Red.

In Monte Carlo, she booked under Marie Red, in London Lady Red, in Las Vegas Lucky Red and so on. OK! magazine and In Touch Weekly sure as h.e.l.l didn't need to know about her a.n.a.l bleaching business. She preferred to remain behind the scenes and let the reporters focus on her clients. Not her. However, for some reason, Taddy always found herself front and center of attention.

"Kiki, you'll see in my personal folder, my travel policy on making reservations under the name Red." She smiled. "Tell me about Algarve. The tidbit I've heard is Portuguese footballer Joo Moutinho lives there."


"Joo plays for the F.C. Porto team."

"Sooo." Kiki was clueless.

"A drop-dead delicious European version to my va-jay-jay-idol Brayden Brooks." She turned the picture frame to face Kiki. "If I can't have Brayden this holiday, I might be able to have Joo." Taddy wondered if Kiki's DJ cyber buddy knew Joo.

"I better get to my desk and get started on these reservations, Miss Brill." She excused herself.

Au revoir, South of France. Ola, Portugal.

Taddy was delighted to learn that Kiki's on-again, off-again cyber relations.h.i.+p with DJ Dejon had progressed from chat rooms to web videos. Dejon had facilitated securing Taddy and Lex the presidential suite at the city's five-star hotel.

They were booked under Senhora Red.

Elated, Taddy gifted Kiki with a bonus-an appointment with Dr. Hugo Fa.s.senbender to get her b.r.e.a.s.t.s augmented. New cleavage proved the least she could do. Although Taddy's came from Mother Nature, she identified with a girl's desire to have a power set, especially since she'd learned Kiki had wanted a pair. She often referred Dr. Fa.s.senbender at her leisure.

Aside from being the best breast doctor in town, Dr. Fa.s.senbender hailed from Berlin. His patients raved about the precision of his surgical incisions, which rarely scarred. According to the salesgirls at Bergdorf Goodman who sold him his leather accessories, he was also a Dom in the BDSM community. She hoped Hugo would help put Kiki in touch with her s.e.xuality. Maybe tying the Utah virgin up and giving her a good whipping would be asking for the kitchen sink, but new b.r.e.a.s.t.s? Those her black American Express card made doable.

With Taddy's and Lex's schedules booked, seat a.s.signments ticketed and hotel reservations made, everything was confirmed jet-set-fabulous for New Year's Eve in Algarve.

Until Lex's mother Birdie Easton did her usual.

Chapter Three.

Banging Birdie December 21 Upper East Side, New York, NY Getting laid ranked high on Taddy's New Year's resolutions. She also wis

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